What We Do

The School Council plays the ‘voice’ of the children in school. We hold regular circle times to listen to and collect the ideas of all the children in our class. This could be about specific projects or ideas the children have about improving our school. We then feedback all ideas to Mrs Simpson in a School Council meeting.

We work together to decide which problems we can help with and to plan events, such as fundraising for Comic Relief and Children in Need.

We also support the teachers with events around school, like the Summer Fair and Christmas Productions.

A School Councillor has to be a role model to other children. We pride ourselves on being well behaved, working hard and representing our school.

What We've Done

Through meeting regularly as a team, we are able to discuss and act upon suggestions quickly, this helps us to be sucessful and help improve the school as fast as possible.

Already this year we have achieved:

- We have organised a Stand up to cancer day. Children voted to have a non uniform day and we are delighted to say we raised £240.

- Helped raise £580 for sports relief.

- Worked with Mrs Forster on developing new, clearer School rules.

- Currently designing a new house system for use with inter school sports and sports day.