At Alford Primary School we want children to develop a confident and enthusiastic attitude that will stay with them throughout their education. We always try to contextualise subjects so that children understand the links between that which they learn in school and how to use in real life.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Alford Primary School, we are passionate for our children to become accomplished, happy, confident, well-rounded individuals who have a love for learning. We believe that all our children are capable of achieving amazing things and our curriculum is designed to allow our children to develop the knowledge and learning behaviours that they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Children will leave our EYFS as 

Independent Individuals who can follow our class rules, set simple goals and persevere to achieve them, select resources and manage their own personal needs.

Confident Communicators who can listen attentively, hold a conversation with friends and adults, ask relevant questions and be able to use new vocabulary appropriately.

Fantastic Friends who can be kind and helpful, show empathy respect to others, work and play co-operatively, whilst   considering the ideas and feelings of others.

Compassionate Citizen who can help to look after their community and care for the environment, know some reasons why Alford is special and have an awareness of other peoples’ cultures and beliefs.

EYFS Long Term Curriculum Overview

EYFS Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Subject Overviews