W/C 30.3.2020

Hello! During what would normally be a school day, children will benefit from keeping in a flexible routine.  We have a suggested timetable below.

Pupils have a pack of other activities which were sent home which they can work on in a way that suits you.  If you didn’t get these, there are online copies on the Year 5 home learning page.  You might choose to use these activities to replace, or supplement the suggested activities below.   Some of the activities you may want to do online and then have your child email them to their Y5 teacher.

If you have any questions, queries or would just like to share some work with us, please email: Year5@alfordprimary.co.uk


Suggested Time

Suggested Activity


9:00-9:30 Physical Time Every day from Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks will do a live workout called PE with Joe on his Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.

Or see the video links on the Y5 home learning page.

9:30-10:00 Maths Sumdog!

Or try some of the activities in the activities pack.

10-10:30 Reading Enjoy a great book.


If you don’t have any, there are lots you can read (or listen to) available online.  For example:




If you have a kindle (or a tablet/mobile/desktop/laptop with the kindle app) there are lots available for free on the Amazon store.

10:30-11 Down time Have fun! Have a healthy snack
11-12 Focus session



For English and Maths, we will put the focussed sessions on the Y5 home learning page.

·Day 1 – English 1

·Day 2 – Maths Focused Session 1

·Day 3 – English 2

·Day 4 – Maths Focused Session 2

·Day 5 –Something towards your Blue Peter badge


·Day 6 – English 3

·Day 7 – Maths Focused Session 3

·Day 8 – English 4

·Day 9 – Maths Focused Session 4

·Day 10 – Something towards your Blue Peter badge

·Day 11 – English 5

·Day 12 – Maths Focused Session 5

·Day 13 – English 6

·Day 14 – Maths Focused Session 6

·Day 15 – Something towards your Blue Peter badge

·Day 16 – English 7

·Day 17 – Maths Focused Session 7

·Day 18 –English 8

·Day 19 – Maths Focused Session 8

·Day 20 – Something towards your Blue Peter badge

12-1 Lunch time and play time Eat well. Talk together. Have fun!
1-2 Rivers and Mountains This is the topic for the summer term.  Pupils have been sent a book home just for this work to go in.

Please find out about:

·Day 1- How rivers are formed

·Day 2 - A river in Lincolnshire

·Day 3 - The Humber (or the Thames)

·Day 4 - Things that live in British rivers

·Day 5 - The Amazon river

· Day 6 - Things that live in the Amazon river

·Day 7 – River transportation

·Day 8 – River pollution and protection

·Day 9 – The water cycle

·Day 10 – Choice day on rivers

·Day 11 - How mountains are formed

· Day 12 – A world map of where big mountains are

·Day 13 - A mountain in the UK

·Day 14 – Mountain sports

·Day 15 – The Alps

·Day 16 - Mount Everest

·Day 17 – Mountains on other planets

·Day 18 – Your own drawing of a mountain

·Day 19 – Mountain animals

·Day 20 – Choice day on mountains

2-2:30 Outside time Play in the garden.

Go for a walk (if allowed) with family.

2:30-3:00 Contact Friends! There are a huge number of ways of doing this.  If all else fails, pupils can use their school email addresses to contact their class friends:

Visit: login.microsoftonline.com

Email address: firstname.lastname@alford.lincs.sch.uk

Pupils should know their passwords.



English Task 1 The Hobbit

English Task 2 Adverbs Modifying Adjectives

English Task 3 The Sorcerer's Apprentice

English Task 4 Apostrophes

English Task 4 The possessive apostrophe presentation

Maths Focused sessions

W/C 16.3.2020

Where possible, we have sent paper copies of these home with pupils.  If they do not arrive for any reason, it might be best to print out and work on this one bit at a time – in an order that works for you.  If you don’t have a printer (or enough ink) it would be fine to look at this on-screen and work on paper.

Don’t worry about getting it all completed, work in a way that works for you.


The Mystery of The Missing Lance St. Georges Day Maths Mystery Game

Times Table Games

Year 5 Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Fractions Multiplying – Lesson 4

Fractions Multiplying - Lesson 5

Fractions Multiplying - Lesson 6


Task 1 Advertise Your Town

Task 2 The Ascent

Task 3 Film Review

Task 4 Letter to Your MP

Task 5 Continue the Story

Task 6 The Titanic

Task 7 The Supermarket

Task 8 Classroom Conundrum

Task 9 Ancient Myths

Task 10 A First Visit

Reading Revision Mat Guidance

Non Fiction Revision Mat

Fiction Revision Mat


Computer game RPG plans and printouts