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Hello everyone.

It’s our final week!! We can’t believe it is this time already!

What an incredibly strange year we’ve had. We want to take this time, at the end of your final year of primary school, to say a massive ‘well done’ to all of you for getting through an interesting and ever-changing time. We are very sad when we think about all of the things you were not able to do with us in school, including our end of year celebrations.

We have put together a digital yearbook for you to download and keep. We hope you can look back at it in the future and remember your time at Alford Primary School. It can be found here: Yearbook 2020

We also had some fantastic responses to our ‘Fridge Challenge’ video and, whilst something like this would usually have been a part of your final assembly, we hope you can enjoy seeing some familiar faces get some ‘interesting’ things out of their fridge! Here is the link: Year 6 Fridge Challenge

Well done for your continued hard work with your home learning. This week we have provided some more activities for you to complete in a timeframe suited to you. Your term finishes on Tuesday 21st July, so there should be enough here to keep you busy!

This will be the last time we update your home learning page, but our email address is still: Year6@alfordprimary.co.uk for any questions you may have, or to just share the brilliant work you have been doing!

Once again, well done everyone! We are so proud of you and we will miss you all! Good luck starting your secondary schools in September; it may be a little daunting, but you can do it! Enjoy yourselves and have a lovely holiday!

Love from the Year 6 team